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We plant trees

We plant trees

We would like to actively contribute to environmental and climate protection and have been planting trees since October 2019.

We planted the first five trees - a walnut tree and four oak trees - ourselves. Here are a few pictures of the tree planting campaign of our first little trees:

We have been supporting the non-profit organization “I Plant A Tree” from Halle (Saale) since autumn 2019. The company specializes in the reforestation of leased and public areas and relies entirely on sustainable forestry within Germany . The organization takes care of the regional development of near-natural mixed forests. Clearings and wetlands where rare species settle are not planted by “I Plant A Tree”.

How much CO2 does a tree bind?

Each individual tree binds CO2 in the long term ( approx. 10 - 12.5 kg CO2 per year ) and thus makes an important contribution to climate protection. In order to offset one tonne of CO2 annually through trees, you have to plant at least 80 trees . For comparison: The average CO2 emissions per person in Germany is 11.1 tons annually.

Plant trees together - donate trees easily and completely free of charge

Do you run an organic hotel , an ecological guesthouse , an organic farm yourself or have you been a guest at one and can recommend the business as particularly sustainable accommodation? Then you have come to exactly the right place.

to plant a tree donates a tree for every registered organic hotel or conference room.

With your help, we have already planted 70 trees in various mixed forests in Germany.

Small donated tree

Do you know an organic hotel that is still missing from our portal and that we should include free of charge? Simply suggest it atäge and we will ask the hotel for permission to enter it.

Protecting native wildlife

If the hotel agrees to the entry, you donate a tree with your suggestion, which we pay for .

In this way you can easily contribute to climate protection and at the same time protect the local wildlife.

How much does it cost to donate a tree?

The price per tree at I Plant A Tree is €3.50 . In developing countries, trees are planted for as little as €0.10 to €1. However, we have decided to plant native trees whose protection is guaranteed. I Plant A Tree cultivates areas and trees and also buys land for reforestation.

Can I plant a tree myself?

Of course, anyone can easily plant a tree themselves. How about a magnificent oak tree? Oak trees can be up to 800 years old and reach a whopping 40 meters high. Collect an acorn and soak it in water overnight. The following day, plant the acorn in a small flower pot and place it on a windowsill that is as sunny as possible. The soil should always be kept slightly moist. The first shoots should appear after a few days. Now you can plant the small oak tree in nature. The most important thing is a sunny location , because oaks do not grow in the shade of other plants.

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Why we donate to I Plant A Tree

  • Non-profit organization, so no pressure to make a profit
  • Anyone (whether a private individual or a company) can take part in the tree planting campaign
  • Various regions of Germany are being planted
  • Trees provide habitats for animals, meaning that even rare animal species benefit from the reforestation of near-natural forests
  • A tree has a positive effect on the water cycle and groundwater quality
  • Tree leaves help to bind fine dust
  • Trees are the largest suppliers of oxygen
  • The ability to easily plant trees online
  • The simplest climate protection, because every tree donation makes an active contribution to environmental and climate protection in Germany

So far, I Plant A Tree has planted 317,562 trees , binding around 18,093 tons of CO2 ( as of October 2019 ).

Facts and figures from i plant a tree

You can find our profile at “I Plant A Tree” here.

Would you like to donate trees online? Join us!

If you would also like to donate trees online, we cordially invite you to join our BIOHOTELS team at

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