Mild tourism

Soft tourism - bicycle

Gentle tourism, also known as sustainable tourism, is a form of travel that harms nature as little as possible and allows you to experience it particularly closely and in its original form. Another important point is adapting to the cultural conditions of the country you are visiting. Soft tourism is basically the opposite of mass tourism.

Sustainable tourism goals

Soft tourism aims to promote awareness of sustainability when traveling. This includes conscious use of resources and travel behavior that is as climate-neutral as possible. Fair working conditions at the holiday destination and social equality also play an important role.

For a sustainable, future-oriented tourism development in Germany and also in the spirit of climate protection, the German Tourism Association (DTV) appeals to all companies to consistently pursue sustainable tourism.

Mild tourism

Sustainable tourism

Gentle tourism knows neither cruise ships, traffic jams on the highway nor delayed flights.

Examples of sustainable tourism


Why wander into the distance when the good is so close? There are certainly beautiful places nearby that are worth a vacation. The trend, for example, is “micro-adventures”, where the holiday adventure is not in far away places, but simply very close by. For example, have you already taken a city tour in your own city or camped in a neighboring town instead of hundreds or thousands of kilometers away?


More and more responsible hotels are focusing on sustainable ecotourism with locally grown organic products and responsible resource management. Our ORGANIC hotels , ORGANIC farms and ORGANIC guesthouses with regional organic cuisine are more ecologically conscious and socially committed and should be preferred to standard accommodation. Here you can spend your “gentle vacation” responsibly and in harmony with nature.


Is it possible to travel by public transport? Many destinations can also be reached by train or bus. It doesn't always have to be the car. However, the most harmful form of travel is flying. Flights, like cruises, should therefore be avoided.


You can experience nature in a climate-neutral way on guided hikes, mountain bike tours organized by the hotel and other ecological activities. Many organic hotels also offer their own bike rental for excursions in the area.

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