Green meetings in ecological conference hotels

Meeting in the organic conference hotel

Green meetings are ecologically and sustainably planned events and activities that are mostly carried out by companies.

Organic hotels for conferences, green meetings

Growing climate awareness in companies

Interest in green meetings is growing with increasing climate awareness in companies. This begins with the participants' arrival, which should ideally be done by public transport. The next point is a conference hotel that is committed to sustainability or can even have eco-certification.

Organic quality food and drink

Providing organic food and drinks is also a very important aspect. Another point is recyclable work materials such as recycled paper and reusable packaging material as well as avoiding waste .

Green meetings or green events

Green meeting or green event

Design your company events in an ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly way.

Importance of green meetings

In a Statista survey from 2012, event venue providers in Germany were asked about their assessment of the future importance of green meetings.

The result:

39.6% higher importance
35.5% unchanged meaning
24.9% less important

Sustainability commitment of the EVVC and GCB

The European Association of Event Centers eV (EVVC, ) and the German Convention Bureau eV (GCB, ) have a joint sustainability code with Green Globe ( https: // ) agreed to consolidate the topic of sustainability in the meetings and convention industry. Companies see sustainable behavior in all areas of economics, ecology and social aspects primarily as an opportunity to position themselves positively in the long term in international competition.

Three-pillar model (sustainability)

Three-pillar model of sustainability

Three-pillar model of sustainability

Each area is viewed as equally important and equally entitled.
Statement : Sustainability can only be achieved with equal consideration for all three areas.
Sustainability priority model

Sustainability priority model

Individual areas are seen in their relationship and dependence on one another.
The following principle applies to this diagram: no economy without a society, no society without ecology.

Hotels for Green Meetings

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