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190. Hotel on board!

190. Hotel on board! - Biohotels.de

Draw strength, be inspired and experience holistic sustainability - supported by appreciation, mindfulness and heart. Welcome to the PANORAMA SCHWARZWALD in Bad Herrenalb. A place where a very special energy is felt due to ancient hydrological and geological natural forces. In addition to healing climatic conditions and natural spring water, it is the perfect spot to find inner balance and peace. From the PANORAMA SCHWARZWALD you can enjoy an almost 180° panoramic view of the health resort, which fits harmoniously into the idyllic Black Forest landscape. Whether it's a vacation, a weekend of indulgence, a healing climate fasting cure or a green wedding/meeting - everyone will find what they're looking for here. Now you just have to decide whether you want a Classic or one of the themed Circular Living rooms. Whatever you decide - friendly staff and a great zero waste breakfast are definitely included! Now nothing stands in the way of your emission-free stay! :-)

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